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  • Saul H. Bazaz

Real Estate Appraiser in Israel

As we always approach big decisions in life, we want a support of a professional. We will never perform a medical operation by a non-credited doctor. We will never go to the IRS without an accountant. We will never go to court without a lawyer.

We will never buy Real Estate in a far and foreign country without consulting with a professional. We need a trusted licensed and experienced professional to help and lead us on this challenging way.

This is exactly where I step in.

With an experience of more than twenty years in the Real Estate field in Israel and an education in the most elite university plus all the certifications necessary issues by the Ministry of Justice, I can be of help to you. A real estate appraisal is highly recommended before entering into any real estate transaction in Israel. Buying or selling a property or investing in Real estate In Israel is a complex process and it is recommended to engage in comprehensive checks to unveil the characteristics of the property, uncover unanticipated “surprises” and eliminate potential dangers, while thereby averting hidden costs. This requires a strong understanding of the Israeli real estate market and familiarity with laws, taxes and government regulations in Israel.

Comprehensive checks on property in Israel are generally conducted by a certified appraiser (“Shammai” in Hebrew) or land assessor with experience in the field, who collates all the data on the property including thorough examination, analysis, visits to the property, and records the results of the checks in an assessor’s report. Failure to conduct comprehensive checks have in the past made some Israel homebuyers liable to cases of impostors, fraud, fake documents and hidden damages incurring large sums in unforeseen expenses and costs. Furthermore, a professional appraiser is hired to determine the value of the transaction to the buyer or the buyer's bank.

After all the checks are done, the appraiser provides the realistic price of the asset which could turn out to be lower or higher than the offer price of the same asset on the market. Appraisers will also take part in the assessment and negotiation process regarding improvement taxes and other land taxes. In the case that a mortgage bank in Israel has hired an appraiser it may still be worthwhile to take up the services of an independent appraiser for asset evaluation since the bank’s appraiser is first and foremost protecting the interests of the bank and not necessarily the buyer’s interests.

If you Need the help, I am here!

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