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  • Saul H. Bazaz

Israeli Real Estate in a frozen market

According to the latest publications of the Ministry of Finance, the Israeli Real Estate market is in a deep freeze for the past three quarters. I can see a slow down in Israeli Real Estate market, but it is in low percentage. "Is this a good time to buy Real Estate in Israel?" This is the most common question I had to answer over and over again, in the past ten years. It seems that the Israeli Real Estate market is going up with time, to new levels that we could not imagine before. From my experience and market fluctuations, it looks as if this process is not going to stop anytime soon. The demand in the Israeli Real Estate market is much higher than the supply. The source of this demand arises not only from within Israel but also from foreign investors. Many of the investors see the Israeli Real Estate market as a safe-haven ensuring their future. Indeed, there are a few neighborhoods in Jerusalem, which have vacant properties, their owners occupying them for a short time during each year (mostly during Jewish holidays or summer time). My recommendation is always to buy Real Estate in Israel. I always hear returning customers, who did not buy Real Estate in Israel on their last visit, asking with a big surprise in their voice: "Are you sure that the Real Estate prices went up so much from our last visit"? Do not be one of those, buy Real Estate in Israel!

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