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  • Saul H. Bazaz

Where to buy real estate in Israel?

We are all familiar with the well-known phrase: Location, Location, Location. It seems that it was coined especially for the Israeli real estate market. As we can see the direction of raising real estate prices in Israel, the next phase describes the Israeli market: Whatever goes up first, comes down last. The demand for real estate in Israel is influenced by the demand of Israeli and foreign investors.

Netanya & Ashdod The two beautiful cities that are located on the shores of the Mediterranean, attract most of the French investors who claim that it reminds them the French Riviera (cote d'azur). This high demand flexed the prices up in these cities to new levels.

Tel Aviv As it is the largest Metropolis in Israel, it enjoys the highest demand in the country. Since it is centrally located and, has a beautiful coastline. It is hard to resist falling in love with it.

Jerusalem Amongst the holiest city in the world, Jerusalem draws the attention of Jews around the world. Since it is the Capital of Israel and has a high demand because of its holy sites, many investors buy real estate here. The demand for apartments is high, especially among the religious Jews. To this demand,

the interest of foreign Jews adds up, and as a result, prices are rising to their highest levels.

To buy at the best location and get the highest return on the investment I recommend buying at the center o the country and in desired areas. It is always recommended to get a second opinion from friends and family who live in those areas.

You can also get the help of professionals who are familiar with the Israeli Real Estate market, among them, you can find Real Estate Appraisers, Lawyers, and Real Estate Brokers.

As always I am here at your service for any questions, help, and inquiry you may have.

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