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  • Saul H. Bazaz

How to Buy Real Estate in Israel?

For the most of us buying a real estate property is the most significant financial decision we will ever make.

Buying real estate in Israel looks more complicated especially if you are not familiar with the Hebrew language, Israel's geography and the mentality of Israelis. Look for professionals in Israel. When you're trying to buy real estate in Israel, it is always recommended considering hiring Israeli experts, such a real estate broker, and an attorney. The best-known way to find the right professionals is by asking for recommendations from friends and family.

A real estate broker charge 2% plus VAT (Value Added Tax) of the property's price. Both the seller and the buyer pay the commissions. An attorney will charge 1% plus VAT. It is best to hire a broker that is specializing in the area you want to buy your property. The price of new houses and apartments in Israel is stated in New Israeli Shekels (NIS) by law. Make sure you convert it to your currency. Buying a house in Israel with the help of a mortgage is very common. Most Israelis use mortgages, and some foreign citizens use them as well. You should contact the banks in Israel and compare the terms they offer.

When you live outside of Israel one of the best places to start looking for a house in Israel is the web. You can find Israeli real estate websites in English, and contact the owners and real estate, brokers using online forms.

Finally, getting help from professionals such as real estate appraisers is mostly recommended. Don't be afraid to buy! Just do it, and you will feel good!

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