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  • Saul H. Bazaz

Tel Aviv has become a financial and social haven for Jews

Israel stood out in the worldwide real estate market even in times of confrontation with its neighboring countries, and in times of international condemnations for its treatment of the Palestinian's. The rate of increase in the value of properties surpassed London, Dubai, Paris and New York.

Israel size is something in between El Salvador and Slovenia, but become to be a haven for Jews, especially French. Tel Aviv is characterized by having one of the world's fastest rates of growth in its real estate values. How much longer it is going to last? For now, the bubble continues to rise above the steaming hot market, and there is no sign for any worries.

There are two major reasons for this phenomenon: 1. The rise of the high-tech industry. 2. The high demand of the Jews outside of Israel to purchase real estate.

This renaissance of the city in the last decade brought with it a rise of the nightlife, restaurants, and cultural scene. Tel Aviv is also the most populated city in Israel with about 7600 residents per square Kilometer.

When touring the city one can discover many properties that are the reason why the city is also called the white city. There are more than 3000 buildings that their architecture Bauhaus style is the cause for UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific, Cultural Organization) to declare it as a world heritage site.

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